Have questions about this service?

This page is intended to help with any questions you may have. Can't find an answer? Ask any of our friendly staff on Discord or in-game!

What data do you collect?

Each time you login and out of VaultMC we save some of your data. This includes (and is not limited to) your Minecraft UUID, Username, IP, Rank, First Seen, Last Seen and your Playtime. We use this data to assist with your in-game experience, along with ensuring the safety of our server from things such as bot attacks.

How do I register?

To register for this database service (includes some fun perks!) you will need your VaultMC token. If you do not have a token run /token in-game. (Do not lose this token, as it will connect you to our Discord server, this website and more to come soon!) Once you have your token register here.

Where do you get my skin image from?

We get all of our player skin and head renders from the Crafatar API service. Thanks jomo!

Why should I register?

Registering on this website let's you customize your timezone while viewing player statistics, upload custom schematics which can be pasted in-game, and download schematics you made in-game. More to come soon!

Is this open source?

Yes! Check out this repo. I try to commit everytime I update or change something. I am totally open to contributions!