The rules of VaultMC

Be sure to read these before making any rash decisions!

  1. Use your brain and common sense. This rule makes most (if not all) of the following rules obsolete, a lack of knowledge of the rules does not exclude you from this rule.
  2. Even if it's not in the rules, you can still be punished for an action if deemed inappropriate by a moderator.
  3. Political discussion of any form, even indirectly is strictly forbidden. Politic is not a topic to be discussed on VaultMC since it is an extremely complex topic and everybody have their own opinion.
  4. If you find a bug on the server, do not exploit the bug, file a /buggy report about it instead.
  5. Every player has the right not to have their privacy invaded by others, even indirectly. This means you are disallowed to publicize anyone's private information (including but not limited to their address and real-life name) without their consent.
  6. Every player has the right to play in a fair and friendly environment. This means you are not allowed to have any unfair advantage or intentional disrespect to anyone, especially towards new players.
  7. The use of an alt is allowed, but discouraged. However, ban evading using an alt is disallowed.
  8. Do not slow/lag the server down in any way.
  9. Griefing is strictly forbidden.
  10. Limited swearing is tolerated as long as it’s not aimed at offending someone.
  11. Please refrain from talking in languages other than English in public chat.
  12. NSFW and shocking content (even if referred indirectly) are strictly forbidden.
  13. Advertising on VaultMC is disallowed. Unless explicitly allowed by an administrator, advertising for VaultMC is disallowed.
  14. Do not create inappropriate builds.
  15. Do not create false player reports.
  16. Do not waste anybody's time.