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New Players this Week

Username First Seen
boonlen9Jun 30th 2020 12:18pm
fused386Jun 30th 2020 11:10am
WhenUHackUNoobJun 26th 2020 09:06am

Last seen Players

Username Last Seen
2xjtnJul 1st 2020 11:06pm
yangyang200Jul 1st 2020 10:02pm
YearPastsJul 1st 2020 06:54pm


There have been 6060 logins over all time from 263 players.
There have been 314 logins this week from 16 players.

Average Session Length

8 minutes, 58 seconds

Players with most Playtime

Username Playtime
yangyang20010 days, 7 hours, 22 minutes, 47 seconds
Aberdeener9 days, 6 hours, 31 minutes
2xjtn7 days, 4 hours, 26 minutes, 5 seconds

Server total Playtime

61 days, 17 hours, 21 minutes, 36 seconds

Player average Playtime

7 hours, 35 minutes, 48 seconds

Total Players

A total of 195 players have joined VaultMC.

Active / Inactive

Active meaning being online in the last 2 weeks.

There are currently 31 active players.
There are currently 164 inactive players.

Average TPS & Ping

VaultMC has averaged at 19 TPS with an average ping of 120.51ms.

Clanss most Members

Name # of Members
SCI1 member.
VaultsCult1 member.
penis1 member.

Clans with highest Level

Name Level, Experience
VaultsCultLevel 40, 79957 xp
SCILevel 1, 0 xp
penisLevel 1, 0 xp